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Commercial flooring at its best

If you are looking for the perfect commercial flooring, there are varieties of factors that come into play right from the beginning. You will want to cover your space in a way that is practical, yet easy to maintain. You’ll also be looking for an option with the longest life span. Factors to consider include the budget with which you are working, the amount of traffic the floor will see, and your personal taste for your flooring.

Vinyl for commercial flooring

Vinyl is an excellent choice for your commercial space. Not only is it durable, but there is also little needed in the way of maintenance. It also gives you more variety in choosing a design that is very appealing to everyone involved. It works great in places with lots of high traffic.

Some commercial settings that would benefit from a vinyl flooring choice are retail buildings, offices and hospitals.

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Carpet for commercial flooring

Carpet comes in handy when you need to insulate against noise. It’s also soft underfoot and creates warmth in any space. Both traditional carpet and carpet tile are good choices, especially if you’re looking at low profile options. Tile, however, is better suited for floors that could possibly become stained. In that case, you could simply replace one carpet tile instead of all the flooring.

Carpet works well in commercial settings such as hotels, office rooms and doctors offices.

Hardwood for commercial flooring

Hardwood is not usually an option pursued for commercial flooring. However, in establishments on the higher end, it is certainly a possibility. Regular maintenance keeps them looking brand new, and will nearly make them last forever. Nothing compares to the timeless elegance of hardwood, whether solid or engineered.

Some commercial settings where hardwood makes sense include conference halls, high-end spas, retreats, and private clubhouses.

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Special considerations for commercial flooring

While normal considerations are certainly called for, commercial flooring has a few more considerations:

  • Rolling LoadsIn many commercial settings, dollies, gurneys, and carts are a common occurrence. In these instances, you need to make sure the flooring is bonded well to the subfloor or problems could arise.
  • Safety Precautions While carpet tile and vinyl tile are good options for their durability and design options, there can be safety issues. If not properly adhered to the subflooring, they can become worn and begin to peel or fray. This presents a potential for tripping, especially if there is a lot of traffic in the area.