Hardwood basics

There’s no doubt that hardwood flooring is a very popular choice among homeowners. It has been for some time, and most likely will be in the future. There’s just something timeless about a hardwood floor. It never goes out of style!. There are some basics you might want to familiarize yourself with, however, to fully grasp all the options hardwood has to offer. Here are a few to get you going.

Hardwood species

When you hear your flooring professional at Forever Floors Wholesale referring to species, it means the particular type:

  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Pine
  • Birch
  • Bamboo

A domestic species is one that was grown right here in the United States. Exotic species are from somewhere else in the world, usually from a sub-tropical area. Each species has its own particular set of characteristics, they include:

  • Texture – this can be something that occurs naturally within the species, or sometimes it is added during the manufacturing process.
  • Grain – this is the visible lines that you can see when a board is cut, and they can also be called marbling.
  • Color – the color of a species is usually natural, but can be altered with specific stains for lightness or darkness.

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Hardwood construction

There are two main types of wood construction in the hardwood flooring category.

The first is, of course, solid wood. These pieces are from one piece of lumber, and are solid throughout the entire construction. You can refinish them multiple times over their lifespan, so that they always look brand new. You can install them over existing wooden subfloors, usually only on the ground level of your home.

The second construction type for hardwood flooring is engineered wood. This option is still hardwood, but only as a veneer that is adhered to a core and backing material that is not. Engineered wood can be placed anywhere in the home, even in basements. Also, it can be installed over both wood and concrete subfloors. Lengths of engineered wood are usually shorter than hardwood, so they’re much easier to work with. They can also be refinished a couple of times during their lifespan. It is recommended, however, that you do not try to do so on your own.

Hardwood installation methods

There are three main ways to install a hardwood floor, depending upon your particular needs:

  1. Floating Installation – This option is only available for engineered wood. The boards are attached to one another, but not to the underlying subfloor.
  2. Glue Down – This method uses an adhesive to attach the flooring to the subfloor.
  3. Nail Down – With this method, staples or nails are used to attach the flooring to the subfloor, and usually only works with wooden subfloors.
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Your hardwood professionals

To get the best possible wood floors, you’ll definitely want to seek the advice of a professional. Forever Floors Wholesale is the place to go for the best hardwood flooring options, available for viewing at our showroom in Garland, TX.