When only a wood look will do

If you find yourself desiring the look of real, elegant hardwood floors, then wood-look tile and planks are certainly the way to go. These days, they so closely mimic the real thing, that few people hardly know the difference unless they investigate deeply. To achieve the wood look, you have a few options from which to choose. The one you decide on will be dependent upon a few different factors that we will look at in more detail as we go along.

Why wood-look tile?

There are lots of reasons to choose tile with a wood look. Hardwood flooring is one of the most sought after flooring options to date. However, there are many places you simply cannot put hardwood. This is especially the case in basements, areas that might become wet or damp and areas with excessive traffic.

In that case, you can still have the elegant look of hardwood with fewer headaches. Wood-look tile is much easier to maintain, is more durable and meets many diverse needs. Wood-look tile works great in laundry rooms, bathrooms and in the kitchen, where you wouldn’t dare put solid hardwood.

Additionally, tile is much easier to clean than hardwood. Many times, a simple dusting or sweeping, followed by a damp mop is all you need to make it spring back to like-new condition.

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Wood-look ceramic tile

One of the most affordable ways to achieve the coveted wood look is to do so with ceramic tile. It looks just like the real thing, is easy and quick to install, and easy to maintain as well. In many instances, you can even have waterproof wood-look tiles installed. The price of these will be a little higher, but depending upon why you need it, it will be worth it. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your flooring won’t be ruined is often worth the extra price.

Wood-look porcelain tile

This option is very much like the wood-look ceramic tile in many aspects. However, since porcelain is much harder and more resistant to water, it is nearly twice the price of the ceramic option.

Wood-look porcelain tile is more durable and will therefore likely have a longer lifespan. This is another reason the extra price is often worth it.